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Beauty: Shizuka Japanese Day Spa Offers Unique, Nightingale Dropping Facial


“Last year I remembered a story my mother told me when I was a child,” explained Shizuka Bernstein, about her new Geisha Facial. From her serene, midtown Shizuka Day Spa, Bernstein continued that in 18th century Japan, Kabuki actors and Geishas used heavy, lead-laden white face paint. “They would get sick and sometimes even die. So they tried anything to counteract the effects of the lead.” One of which was Nightingale fecal matter which contains exceptional enzyme properties.

After months of Nightingale stool research and experimentation, Bernstein came up with a creamy concoction using 100% organic Japanese Nightingale poop, sterilized and pulverized. The 1 hour facial includes a massage and numerous unusual Japanese unguents and cleansers, leaving faces glowing and radiant.

7 West 51st Street, 6th Floor
New York City, NY 10019
212 644 7400

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