Read: It’s Finally Here… La Tacopedia

TacoDirect from Mexico comes this delightful taco encyclopedia, La Tacopedia, the first of its kind. The amusing and thorough  book covers 19 typical types of tacos, with additional information about enchiladas, quesadillas and tlayudas (a crunchy, flat tortilla topped with beans, meat, lettuce and cheese). Authors Débora Holtz and Juan Carlos Mena also write about the mighty taco’s origins; list recipes, sauces and recommend some of Mexico’s tastiest taquerias.

La Tacopedia is in Spanish, so hopefully you speak a little. If not, it’s time to call on those Spanish speakers you know. If you’re feeling antisocial,  there is always google translate.

If you need daily taco tweets, you can follow @LaTacopedia (in Spanish); you can order La Tacopedia from Amazon.


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  1. Taco Talk | Bill Chance Says:

    […] Read: It’s Finally Here… La Tacopedia […]

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