Music: Mo’Glo Radio, Midnights on 91.5 FM

Yes, some people still listen to the radio. Tune into 91.5 every midnight and you’ll be treated to Mo’Glo, the music show that features Modern Global Music. You’ll hear Baile funk from Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, Afro-Peruvian electronica of Novalima or the Sri Lankan–British rapper M.I.A.’s off-kilter dancehall.

What exactly is Modern Global Music? “It’s kids making music outside the studios, on their laptops, mixing their parents’ music with what they hear on the streets,” says DJ Darek Mazzone, the curator of Mo’Glo. “New York is actually one of its epicenters, from all the different populations coming in and out of the city.”

Expect a different DJ every night on Mo’Glo, live or prerecorded, local or transmitted from a roving set of DJs spread around the globe.

For more information: Mo’Glo


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3 Responses to “Music: Mo’Glo Radio, Midnights on 91.5 FM”

  1. hustleandfloe Says:

    diggin the joints tonight! much peace. h&f

  2. Gil Avineri Says:

    Thank you for keeping this yellow cabdriver roaming through the streets of New York with a smile on his face and beating his rhythmic fist on the steering wheel.

  3. marlo medrano Says:

    HI, Is there a moglo audio archive?

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